Utility scripts

In order to easily visualize the images and metadata, please clone our GitHub repo 7dlabs/synscapes-utils.

The scripts depend on numpymatplotlib and feh (an image viewer), which are all available from standard Linux package managers such as deb/apt.


This script assists in viewing the dataset sorted by metadata, or divided into subsets thereof. <path> indicates the path to the Synscapes directory.

  • ./view-synscapes.py <path> --analyze-num 1000 --sort sun_height
    • Picks 1000 evenly distributed images and sorts them according to sun height.

  • ./view-synscapes.py <path> --restrict sun_height=0.8-1.0,ego_speed=0.0-0.5 --sort num_pedestrians
    • Looks at the full dataset, selecting only images where sun height is [0.8,1.0] and ego_speed is [0.0, 0.5], sorting the selection by the number of visible pedestrians.


This script visualizes the class and instance image annotations, as well as 2D and 3D bounding boxes. <path> indicates the path to the Synscapes directory.

  • ./visualize-synscapes-metadata.py <path> --type 2d --index 1
    • Displays 2D bounding boxes for image 1

  • ./visualize-synscapes-metadata.py <path> --type 3d --index 504 --threshold 0.5
    • Displays 3D bounding boxes for image 504, removing instances with occlusion or truncation greater than 50%.